COVID-19 Information for Tenino Families

Tenino schools will be closed until further notice.

Letter to Families


Dear Tenino Families,

I hope you are doing well and not going stir crazy during this time of closures and stay at home orders. I have been impressed with how well the Tenino community supports each other. I know how difficult it has been to be separated from our friends and family while observing these orders. I would encourage you to try and stay connected with loved ones somehow, someway to weather these times.

This communication is to update you on what is happening from the school district perspective. I know the letter is long, but I hope the information is useful.

Questions about what’s next abound. Originally, the hope was to restart school on Monday April 27, 2020. Now that the governor has extended the ‘Stay at Home, Stay Healthy’ mandate the best-case scenario would have us starting school in early May. Honestly, I would be surprised if we will be permitted to return to school before next September. Indications from the governor and the superintendent of public instruction point to this possibility. Staff and administrators are now working on the best way to support students during an extended closure.

One question from the community is, ‘Will my child need to repeat xyz grade next year?’ The answer is no. The district will not be retaining students at their current grade level. We will, as a system, figure a way to best support students next year.

As the situation changes the district will provide regular updates to the staff, students, parents and community via Skyward email, our websites, and social media.

Please reach out to the District or schools if you need any type of support during this time. If we are unable to directly support your need, we will work to find another way to help.

Thank you for your assistance and patience as we work together as a community to return to some measure of normalcy.


Joe Belmonte, Superintendent

Tenino School District

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Continued Learning Opportunities
  • You and your student should be receiving regular contact from your child’s teacher(s). Teachers are required to connect with your student/family each week to provide additional learning opportunities and/or enrichment activities.
  • Reminder: If your student had missing or incomplete work due before the closure, they are permitted and encouraged to make up their assignments for a grade.
  • We should have some definite answers regarding high school credits and the status of graduating seniors. On April 8th the State Board of Education will meet to provide specific guidance on these matters. Expect someone from the high school to reach out to you to soon afterwards.
  • If you need support or materials for your student or if you do not hear from your student’s teacher(s) by next week, please reach out to teachers via email or to the school principal. The principal contact information is below:
  • Brock Williams, Parkside Elementary williamsb@tenino.k12.wa.us 360-264-3800.
  • Charly Harrington, Tenino Elementary harringtonc@tenino.k12.wa.us 360-264-3711.
  • John Neal, Tenino Middle School nealj@tenino.k12.wa.us 360-264-3611.
  • Teresa Jackson, Tenino Middle School jacksont@tenino.k12.wa.us 360-264-3612.
  • Lisa Perreira, Tenino High perreiral@tenino.k12.wa.us 360-264-3511
  • Rand Hodgson, Tenino High hodgsonr@tenino.k12.wa.us 360-264-3512
  • We have been trying to consolidate family resources onto one section of our website. You can find them on the connecting pages listed on the Left.

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Free Meals Available

The District WILL be serving Grab-and-Go bagged lunches and breakfasts next week.

Distribution will continue to occur Monday through Friday 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. look for the Tenino School District van at the following locations:

  • Tenino Middle School parking lot
  • The Bucoda Community Center
  • Fire Station 43 @ Violet Prairie (17134 Old Hwy 99 SE)

If your student(s) need meals and you are unable to pick up a meal from the grab-and-go sites, please contact Cori Leach at leachc@tenino.k12.wa.us or at 360-264-3410. We will find a way to provide you the needed meals.

All meals are free. Children and youth will not be asked for their name, identification, enrollment status. Parents or guardians must have a student with them to pick up the meals or students may pick up meals on their own.

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Internet Access

Internet access can be poor or nonexistent in many areas of our district. We have created an internet ‘hot-spot’ for the community in front of Parkside Elementary on Central Ave. Use the information below to access the wireless network in that Parkside location.

Grades K-2 and Parents

  • Click the wedge-shaped Wi-Fi icon at the bottom right corner of the screen and choose the wireless network "PES-Guest"
  • Enter the password: Top!secret
  • Click Connect

Grades 3-12

  • Click the wedge-shaped Wi-Fi icon  at the bottom right corner of the screen and choose the wireless network "PES-Wireless".
  • On the settings screen that appears change the following 2 settings:
  • Change EAP method to “PEAP”
  • Change Server CA Certificate to “Do not check”
  • Enter your username (30smithj) in the Identity box
  • Enter your computer password (123456go) in the Password box
  • Click Connect

If you have trouble connecting send an email to: cookn@tenino.k12.wa.us

Stay safe and well.

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Learning Resources for Students and Families

In order to support families during the school closures due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have created a menu of resources that students and families can use at home to engage students.  We have provided a variety of resources for use at home and these lists will continue to expand in the coming days and weeks.  

These resources are designed to engage your student in learning but are optional and will not be graded.

Parkside Elementary School
Tenino Elementary School
Tenino Middle School
Tenino High School

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What can I expect from Tenino Staff
  2. What about Graduation?
  3. Will you be serving meals?
  4. How do I talk to my children?

What can we expect from Tenino Staff?

Tenino Staff are providing THESE RESOURCES to help keep children engaged in learning during the school closure.

Engagement resources will not be graded assignments and are not mandatory.

Your child's teacher will be in contact with you and/or your child weekly. 

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What about Graduation?

Things are changing,  Mrs. Perreira will be in contact with students and families of the Class of 2020. Please contact her directly if you have questions about Graduation requirements.

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Will you serve school meals?

Yes, Free Grab n Go meals will be available to all school age children. School age children must be present to receive meals. Breakfast and Lunch will be handed out Drive Thru style, please stay in your vehicle.

Meals will be provided March 23rd - April 24th, Monday - Friday from 11:00am to 1:00pm

Meals can be picked up at:
Bucoda Community Center
Tenino Middle School Parking Lot
Fire Station 43 Violet Prairie, 17134 Old Hwy 99 SE, Tenino

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How should I talk to my children?

We know children will have many questions and concerns about COVID-19, why school is closed and when things might get back to “normal.” Be honest and listen. There are many resources available on how to talk to your child about things like a pandemic outbreak. Here is one from the CDC for both adults and children, and one specific to helping children cope with emergencies. In terms of overall mental health, be on the lookout for physical symptoms such as: headaches, excessive worry, stomach aches, increased arguing, irritability, trouble sleeping or eating, loss of concentration, nightmares, withdrawal, clinging behavior, etc. For additional support, families can call 211 or the Crisis Clinic at (360) 586-2800 or text 741741 to be connected to a trained crisis counselor.

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