Inclement Weather & Special Snow Routes

We will announce school closures and morning delays between 6:00 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. on radio stations KGY (1240), KGY FM (95.3), KAYO (99.3) KELA (1470), KXXO (96.1 FM), KMNT (102.9 FM), and KITI (1240); and TV stations KOMO, KING, and KIRO. Buses may operate on special “snow routes” as listed below. These radio stations will announce early dismissals due to inclement weather. Please plan for adequate home supervision in the event that unscheduled early dismissal of students is necessary. If you have updated emergency information for your child, please contact the school immediately. If we don’t make an announcement, schools and buses will operate on regular schedules.

Graphic Inclement Weather

Kindergarten & Preschool

If we delay school two hours or more, we will cancel morning preschool classes. We also will not serve breakfast on late start days

BUS 1 No changes.
BUS 2 Students on Marshal Road and 123rd Road.will be picked up on Offut Lake and Marshal.
Students on Bronson, Bryant, Blake, and Sanford need to meet bus at end of these roads at Offut Lake Road.
BUS 3 Students on Tempo Lake will need to walk out to Stedman Road.
Students in River Park need to walk out to Waldrick Road.
BUS 4 Students on Blumauer Road and Dyson need to walk out to Crowder Road.
BUS 5 No changes.
BUS 6 No changes.
BUS 7 Parents will be notified of changes.
BUS 8 No changes.
BUS 9 Students on Churchill will be picked up on Highway 507.
Students on Military Road will need to be at Military and 507.
BUS 10 Students on Beavercreek, Gunstone, Reeder, Peterson, and 150th will be picked up at Maytown Tavern.
Students on 140th will be picked up on Tilley Road.
BUS 11 Students on Knowles Road will need to walk out to 143rd.
Students on 145th will be picked up on Tilley Road.
Students on 143rd by High valley need to walk up to 143rd and 143rd.
Students on Wright Road need to meet bus at 155th and Tilley Road.
BUS 12 No changes.
BUS 13 No stops on slopes on Chein Hill. Wait at stop on top or bottom of hill.
Students on Sheldon, 113th, and Chaucer will be picked up at McCorkle and Sheldon Road. Bus will not go up Sheldon Road.
Students will be picked up at Sheldon and McCorkle.
BUS 14,15,18 Parents will be notified of any changes, if any.
BUS 16 No changes.
BUS 17 Students on Wright Street, 7th, 8th, and Front Street will be picked up on Sumner by the tracks at 6th and Sumner.
Students on 9th Street will need to walk to end of the Huston Street. Bus will not go on 9th Street or Huston.
BUS 19 No changes.

Parents/guardians must transport students to nearest stop whenever special “snow route” schedule is in effect.