Open during normal school hours, The Tenino Elementary School Library is available to all students to check out books to take home. Want more time to read your favorite book or finish up a classroom project? Students can also utilize the library during recess hour to read silently or finish class work.

Computers in the Tenino Elementary School Library Lab are available for students to use to take Advanced Reading Tests and to look up books in the library. Students may check out books for the duration of the week, and can renew books for an additional week by refreshing their check out at the library.

Note: If a student loses or damages a book, he/she must pay for it before we will issue him/her a report card.


Students visit the library as a class twice a week for 30 minutes. Teachers teach students library skills and assist with book check out.


Please find out what day your child goes to the library so you can help him/her to bring books back to school.

Book Finder For Accelerated Readers

For extra reading practice, search for ideas on AR Book Finder.

Timberland Library

The Timberland Library has many online services including audio books and videos that you can download to your computer. Be sure to check it out!

Library Link and Resources