The Tenino School District administers medications to students during the school day when the failure to receive the medication may result in the student being unable to attend school or being well enough to participate in school activities. Over-the-counter medication must be provided to the school office staff in its original container with the student's name written on the bottle. Prescription medication must be provided in its original container with the label stating the student's name, licensed health provider name, drug name and dosage. Medication must be provided to the school office staff directly by the parent or guardian.

If a student must receive prescribed or non-prescribed oral medication at school the parent or guardian must submit a written authorization accompanied by a written request from a licensed health provider prescribing within the scope of his or her prescriptive authority. If the medication will be administered for more than fifteen (15) consecutive days, the health provider must also provide written, current and unexpired instructions for the administration of the medication. The authorization shall be valid for no more than the current school year. 

The school principal may grant permission for a student to carry his or her emergency medication and self-administer the medication after consulting with the school nurse following the receipt of a written request from the health provider and student's parent or guardian. 

Emergency/Disaster Preparedness: Parents and guardians of students with serious health risks shall provide the school with a three-day supply of medication for use in the case of an emergency. 

If you have any questions in regards to administration of medication at school, please feel free to contact me at (360) 264-1406. 


Rachel Peters
RN Tenino School District Nurse