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Welcome to First Student - Tenino School District

Tenino School District contracts with First Student for all of our school busing needs. They have a fleet of 24 buses and run 18 bus routes for our students. If you have any questions regarding bus routes or busing, please feel free to contact them.

First Student bus drivers understand that they carry the most precious cargo there is, each and every day.  The following rules and regulations apply to all students using school district transportation to and from school and school-sponsored activities and events.  Please take the time to go over each bus rule with your student and let them know how important it is to follow these rules. 

If you have any questions about bus rules and regulations, please feel free to contact First Student at 360-339-4370, Option 1.

Important Announcements for the 2022-2023 School Year!!

ALL Students/Families are REQUIRED to register for the 2022-2023 school year to receive transportation services. Please complete the registration form below and please ensure that you go over the First Student Rules & Expectations with your student(s). These forms must be completed before the first day of school. Thank you for your understanding!

2022-2023 First Student - Bus Rider Registration & Transportation Form

2022-2023 First Student Bus Rules & Expectations
(Parent/Student(s) complete together)


First Student - Tenino School District
Bus Rider Rules & Expectations


The driver is in full charge of the bus.  Students must follow the drivers’ instructions promptly and courteously and be respectful at all times.


Zero tolerance policy for:

  • Harassment, bullying, or any type of mistreatment to others, including fighting

  • Bad language, profanity or obscene gestures

  • Excessive or distracting noise

  • Throwing items in or out of the bus

  • Possession of illegal substances

  • Possession of any type of weapon 


Students shall observe safe pedestrian practices while walking to and from the bus stop.  Students shall arrive at their designated stop 5 minutes prior to pick up time.  The bus cannot wait for tardy students.  Once the bus starts to move, students must not chase after it.  Students shall wait in an orderly manner and shall respect private property while waiting at a bus stop.  Do not stand or play in the roadway.  


If necessary to cross the road, students must wait for the driver's signal before crossing the road in front of the bus. Never cross the road behind the bus.


Absolute silence is required when the bus stops at all railroad crossings.


Students must remain in their seats while the bus is in motion. Drivers are required to keep a seating chart and students are expected to adhere to the assigned seat unless permission is granted by the driver to move. In addition, when there is a behavioral issue with a student the driver will assign a seat near the front.


Ordinary conversation level and classroom conduct will be maintained.


Students shall keep the bus clean, aisle clear, do not litter, write on walls, seats, and refrain from causing damage. Parents of students who cause damage to the bus will be charged for repair.


Students shall ride their assigned bus at all times, unless granted permission by the school or the transportation department.


No smoking, vaping or lighting matches. No eating or drinking allowed.


No student shall open a bus window without the driver’s permission (then may open the window up to 25%). No student shall extend their head, arms, hands or other objects out the window.


No objects allowed on the bus that could cause harm to other students, no laser lights or flash cameras or distractions to safety.


Cell phone or other electronic device use allowed with driver’s permission only. There will be no pictures taken or video/audio recording at any time. If students do not follow this rule the driver will confiscate the electronic device and hold on to it for the duration of the ride. If a student continues to ignore this rule after 3 times the driver will confiscate the device and the parent will have to come to the bus barn to retrieve it during normal business hours. All electronic devices will have the sound off at all times.


First Student will not be held responsible for damage to devices while in our possession.


Students shall have written permission to leave the bus at any stop other than their normal stop or school.


The emergency exits shall not be tampered with, they are for emergency use only.


No skateboards, skis or poles, all bags and instruments must fit in the student’s assigned seat.


Citations will be issued for misbehavior on the school bus.

Citations and consequences for misconduct (grade and age taken into consideration). Bus suspensions may be jump-stepped at any level depending on circumstances.

1st citation: Written

2nd Citation: Phone call to parents.

3rd Citation: 2 day bus suspension.

4th Citation: 5 day bus suspension.

5th Citation: 10 day bus suspension.

6th Citation: Loss of riding privileges for the remainder of the year.


Drivers & Subs Wanted!

First Student is currently hiring bus drivers. There are many great benefits of working for our company!

  • Free training provided

  • Flexible schedule

  • Part-time positions available

  • Holidays off

  • Full-time benefit options

If you are interest in joining First Student-Tenino, please contact Cindy Damkaer, branch manager, at (360) 339-4370 ext. 101 for more information on how to apply.

Student Transportation Changes

Parents MUST inform the school in writing or email to the Attendance Secretary for any transportation changes if there is a change in their student(s) normal transportation home for the day. If there are any last-minute changes, please notify the front office. Students must have written permission from a parent or guardian to stay after school or ride home with someone else.

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