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Tenino School District

Tenino School District, 5 days ago

Shout Out to TMS and T9OTV! You can read about them in the latest version of WE are Washington. Follow the link in the article to view the T9OTV station on youtube.

Tenino School District

Tenino School District, 29 days ago

School Delay Notifications In the event of poor weather or any other event that may cause the delay or cancellation of school, families and the public will be notified in the following ways: •A post to Facebook and Twitter •A push notification to users of our mobile app •A post to our web site, •Notification of radio and television outlets •Email, voicemail and text messages will be sent to anyone who has updated contact information in our Skyward data base Thank you.

Tenino School District

Tenino School District, about 1 month ago

King 5's Best Principal in Western Washington Our Own Brock Williams! Principal Williams is the best! He is a graduate of the Tenino School District who followed the footsteps of his father before him to become a Tenino School Principal. Administrator for the K-2 School he is well known for his steady leadership and honest dealings, his School is often referred to as Disneyland by employees, parents and students since it is a place that is considered safe, professional and most of all fun to be at. see pic

Brenda Padgett

Brenda Padgett, about 1 month ago

Two Harrington's are better than one! #Halloween2017 see pic

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