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Charly Harrington

Charly Harrington, 21 days ago

HALLOWEEN GUIDANCE Dear Tenino Parents and Guardians, This message provides information about costumes as you and your student prepare for our Halloween Vocabulary Parade. Please remember, we will NOT be dressing up on Thursday, October 31st as we are allowing our students to dress up on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 1st if they want to. Since there will be classroom parties and celebrations, we need your help to make the day fun and safe for your child and all students. We would appreciate your assistance by following this guidance: *Costumes may be worn, but may not include- *masks, *hats, *weapons of any kind, *any sharp or potentially harmful items (i.e. wands), *face makeup is okay, but not encouraged due to the mess it can create, *gang-related or similar wear is not allowed. *All costumes and clothing need to adhere to our school’s dress code. *Positive costumes are best; please do not encourage costumes, which value violence, gang, or violent behavior. *Remember that these costumes will be worn all day long--adult supervision is not available to assist with taking costumes off to go to the restroom, etc. *The regular school schedule will be followed; therefore, costumes should be appropriate for: working in the classroom, playing outside at recess, PE, and other activities. Be careful that the costumes are not overly hot for your children. We realize that some families may have strong feelings about the recognition of Halloween and any associated activities. Should you desire your child to not participate in these activities, please contact his or her teacher and accommodations will be made. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding for making Halloween enjoyable and safe for our children! Please remember that if your child is dressing up, Friday November 1st is the day. Out intent is to make school fun by having occasional special days while at the same time staying focused on learning and positive behavior. Sincerely, Mr. Harrington

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