Holly Johnson believes in being a pillar of positive support for special needs students and their families.

Capital Region Educational Service District (ESD) 113 has named Holly Johnson as its 2024 Regional Teacher of the Year. Johnson is a Special Education Teacher in the Tenino School District.

As an educator of children with disabilities, Johnson believes her primary purpose is to remove barriers for her students and their families. She has had to wear many hats as her program is not disability specific. Because of this, she has become an expert in adapting her teaching methods and supports to a wide variety of students.

She knows that parents of children with disabilities often face greater challenges in raising and finding support for their children. She aims to be that support. No matter how small an accomplishment for her students may be, Johnson is guaranteed to be celebrating it. To her, there’s an importance in informing parents about the good days their child has in class as often as possible.

The selection committee chose Johnson for this award because she is a dedicated teacher who meets students where they are and supports them in any way she can to move them forward. They also praise her ability to attend to the particular abilities and disabilities of each student while working with other adults to maintain a positive classroom experience for all.

The Capital Region ESD 113 Regional Teacher of the Year serves as one of nine candidates chosen by their respective ESDs, who will be considered for Washington State Teacher of the Year.  The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction will select and announce the state winner this fall.

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