Mrs. Sheperd's 5th graders sign the Rachel's Challenge banner. The banner will be displayed in the main hall near the library. Tiger pride in action.
over 5 years ago, Charly Harrington
Mrs. Sheperd's 5th grade class signs Rachel's Challenge banner.
Signing for Rachel's Challenge
over 5 years ago, Lori Morales
3rd graders signing for Rachel's Challenge
Inspired by Rachel's Challenge, 4th graders create a plan to end bullying and create more kindness. The students created this group and they chose to do this instead of recess!
over 5 years ago, Charly Harrington
4th graders create plan for more kindness and less bullying.
TES Community Garden, ready for harvest! The TES garden is open to the community through the unlocked back gate. Community members are welcome to come harvest ripe produce (please do not take pumpkins, gourds and squash yet) Right now we have: Cucumbers Beans Tomatoes Kale Raspberries and strawberries Yellow Squash Corn If you come take produce, please weigh and log your harvest by type of fruit/vegetable using the scale and notepad inside the shed. Please make sure the garden is left tidy and the shed is closed when you leave. If you have any questions, please contact Caitlin Craig-Mickel at Please come and enjoy our fresh produce, home grown, at the home of the Tigers!
over 5 years ago, Charly Harrington
3rd grader with fresh vegetables.
Rachel's Challenge! Students learned about the power of kindness and compassion based on the life story of Rachel Scott. Mr. Hadaller's class shows us the chain of compassion all classes are completing.
over 5 years ago, Charly Harrington
Mr. Hadaller's class starts a chain reaction.
The Tenino School District is committed to providing all of our students with a safe, supportive learning environment that prepares them to be responsible citizens and a contributing members of global society. To support the District's mission, the Tenino School District , with the generous support of the Tenino Combined PTA, is implementing the Rachel's Challenge program in both the Elementary and Middle School for the 2018-2019 school year. The program, named in memory of Rachel Scott, the first victim of the Columbine High School tragedy, is designed to inspire, equip and empower people to create a positive culture change in their school and community by starting a chain reaction of respect, kindness and compassion. The objectives of Rachel’s Challenge include: Create a safe and productive learning environment by delivering proactive solutions to violence and bullying Stimulate real culture change by actively involving the entire community in the process Change lives by providing culturally relevant social/emotional training Improve achievement and ensure results by engaging the participants heart, head and hands Age appropriate assemblies to introduce students to Rachel’s Challenge will be presented during the school day on September 25 at the Elementary and September 26 at the Middle School. As part of the program, we are also planning to create a Friends of Rachel (FOR) Club at Tenino MIddle School, where students can meet to work on the planning and development of activities, projects and events to spread kindness and compassion in their school and community. You can help us motivate our students toward positive change in the way they treat others by encouraging your child to create a chain reaction of kindness and compassion. With this goal in mind, we would like to invite our Tenino students, families, staff and community members to join us for a special Rachel’s Challenge Community Event on Tuesday, September 25 at 6:30 pm in the Tenino Middle School Gym. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the TES or TMS office or visit for more information about the program.
over 5 years ago, Charly Harrington
Twin Day at TES!
over 5 years ago, Charly Harrington
Twins having fun.
Soccer twins.
More Twin Day photos.
over 5 years ago, Charly Harrington
More triplets.
Spooky triplets.
Thing 1 and Thing 2 besties.
Today was Twin Day! Check out these photos of our students having fun and looking great. Go Tigers!
over 5 years ago, Charly Harrington
Twin day!
Twin day fun stuff at TES.
Twin Day at TES.
Tenino Sassy Cats.
And of course, a teacher!, at Career Day!
over 5 years ago, Charly Harrington
A teacher at career day!
Career-minded youngsters participate in Career Day at TES. Our future is in good hands!
over 5 years ago, Charly Harrington
A soldier at career day.
A cook at career day.
A customer service specialist at career day.
A doc and a vet hanging out after recess.
Tiger pride on display at the TCYFL game on Saturday morning at the stadium. Great effort players and cheerleaders. Go Tigers!
almost 6 years ago, Charly Harrington
Cheerleaders after the game on Saturday.
Jesse in his uniform with the field and scoreboard in background.
Happy Wednesday, Tenino! Please remember that next Monday is Picture Day! It will be part of spirit week. Our theme for the day is "Dress for Success!"
almost 6 years ago, Charly Harrington
Assembly Schedule. Our assembly schedule is available on our website. Under Documents, go to TES Assembly Schedule. Thank you!!!
almost 6 years ago, Charly Harrington
almost 6 years ago, Lori Morales
Students enjoy the new benches outside the district office. Thanks everyone for a great start up!
almost 6 years ago, Charly Harrington
Students enjoy new benches outside district office!
Back-to-School Night is September 4th, 5:30 to 7:00. Our PTA is also sponsoring a tasty, inexpensive dinner. Come and meet your child's teacher and enjoy Walking Tacos. Thanks and see you soon!
almost 6 years ago, Charly Harrington
Welcome Back! Just for your information, this year there will not be access to microwaves in the cafeteria.
almost 6 years ago, Susanne Miller
SCHOOL SUPPLY LIST - Lists for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade are available below. Click on the DOCUMENTS tab under QUICKLINKS. Thanks!!!
almost 6 years ago, Charly Harrington
Students have fun camping in the library as part of our summer school program.
almost 6 years ago, Charly Harrington
Students camping out in our library.